our core programs at a glance

secondary school programs


  • School year(s) 11, 12 and 13
  • Impact area Leadership
  • Approx duration 10-15 hours per year over 3 years

A three-year mentoring and financial support program for exceptional students facing significant disadvantage.

Focus & Focus2

  • School year(s) 10-12
  • Impact area(s) Diversity and Leadership
  • Duration 3 x 2-hour sessions

Builds leadership skills and aspirations for young women.

Entrepreneurs Unearthed

  • School year(s) 10-11
  • Impact area(s) Enterprise and Employability
  • Duration 4 x 2.5-hour sessions

Inspires and cultivates entrepreneurial skills and mindsets in students through developing their business ideas.


  • School year(s) 11
  • Impact area(s) Enterprise and Employability
  • Duration 5 x 2-hour sessions

Broadens the awareness of post-school career pathways.

Interview 2 Impress

  • School year(s) 10
  • Impact area Enterprise and employability
  • Duration 3 hours

Equips students for success at interviews through fun, hands-on activities.


  • School year(s) 10 or equivalent
  • Impact area(s) Diversity and Employability
  • Duration 5 x 1.5-hour sessions

Empowers migrant and refugee students to build connections outside their community and understand the workplace.

Future Thinkers

  • School year(s) 9-10
  • Impact area(s) Innovation
  • Duration 3 hours

Builds creative and innovative problem-solving skills through the process of design thinking.


  • School year(s) 9
  • Impact area(s) Enterprise and employability
  • Duration 6 x 1.5-hour sessions

Encourages the completion of Year 12 and further study.


  • School year(s) 7-8
  • Impact area(s) STEM
  • Duration 5 x 1.5-hour sessions

Inspires students to take up STEM jobs by bringing science, technology, engineering and maths opportunities to life.

Partners in Learning

  • Participants Principals and C-suite executives
  • Impact area Leadership
  • Duration About 8 hours a year

A peer co-learning program linking a principal with a C-suite executive to explore leadership challenges.

primary school programs


  • School year 1-2
  • Impact area Literacy
  • Duration 9 x 45-minute sessions

Assists with the development of basic reading and comprehension skills.


  • School year 1-2
  • Impact area(s) Numeracy
  • Duration 9 x 45-minute sessions

Assists with the development of basic mathematics skills.

Development Hub programs

Our Development Hub is a centre for innovation, design and development. In addition to our core mentoring programs, we collaborate with our member companies and schools to pilot new programs and concepts to respond to the needs of the changing world of work.

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