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Find Your Purpose is designed to equip students with the understanding of what is important to them and the confidence to follow their passions. Already successfully delivered to over 6,000 students, Find Your Purpose has been developed in collaboration with independent charity The Purpose Project.

The amount of careers education varies significantly between schools, with some students receiving just one hour of careers advisor time per year. Recent research shows that half of high school students feel worried about their future career and less than 25% feel confident.

With students from low socio-economic backgrounds more likely to drop out of university within the first two years of study and more likely to rely on informal sources of career knowledge, professional mentors providing career insight and guidance can make an enormous difference in helping reduce anxiety around post school plans.

Find Your Purpose targets Year 9–10 students to help them better understand themselves, their values, and their ambitions for life. Working with mentors’ students will gain a deeper understanding of what’s important to them, and how they can use their strengths to design a life that they will love.

96% of students

said they were more committed to taking action on their careers.

94% of students

said they felt more confident about choosing a career path

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