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Future Thinkers aims to build creative and innovative problem-solving skills through the process of design thinking.  

Design thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation increasingly used by organisations to transform challenges into opportunities. Research on the future of work indicates that these problem-solving, critical thinking and judgement skills are key transferable enterprise skills for the Australian workforce to remain competitive and thrive in a rapidly changing global economy.  

Future Thinkers involves small groups of students working with mentors in teams to create solutions to a problem using the design thinking methodology, and at the end of the session the students present their results.  

Mentors sharing their own career journeys and challenges can make an enormous impact as students consider their options for the future. No prior knowledge of design thinking is required. 

Program time commitment 

Future Thinkers can be delivered fully digitally or face-to-face in the workplace. 

Face-to-face delivery: 3 hrs total for students, 3 hrs 30 min total for mentors
Digital delivery: 3 hrs total for students, 2 hrs 30 min total for mentors 

94% of students

said they now understand the principles of Design Thinking

96% of students

said they are now able to develop creative solutions to problems

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