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Partners in Learning is a special program that supports business and educational leaders by linking them to share experiences and expertise, solve problems and explore leadership challenges.

Principals from high-needs schools often face significant challenges in managing their students and staff populations, while also building community relationships with limited resources. The collaboration and exchange of best-practice ideas and information mean business leaders can make a significant contribution to a school and its community. Likewise senior executives from major companies can learn a lot from principals who manage complex organisations and multiple stakeholder relationships.

The focus of Partners in Learning is to enhance the professional growth of both educational and business leaders in a mutually beneficial, co-mentoring relationship. Executive business members and educators from government primary or secondary schools are partnered and meet approximately four times a year.

Program time commitment

Face-to-face and digital delivery: quarterly meetings as agreed by participants

Meet two participants: Read about finance executive Kate Temby and Principal Kerrie Dowsley’s experience with Partners in Learning here.

92% of business executives

said they achieved a sense of personal satisfaction, reward and growth from the program

100% of education partners

said they now have a greater understanding of the corporate sector, and will use that knowledge to benefit school leavers

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