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Interview 2 Impress is a half-day program designed to equip students with the practical skills needed to engage in employment options beyond school.

While most students are taught about interview preparation at school, the opportunity to explore this topic and learn from a corporate employee adds considerable value. The focus of Interview 2 Impress is to allow students to experience realistic interview scenarios in a corporate environment. The session allows students to practice the theory they learn at school by working with a mentor who provides direct and relevant feedback based on their own job interview experiences. Topics covered include effective non-verbal communication, building rapport, a typical interview structure and what sorts of questions to expect.

Read how the learning outcomes of our Interview 2 Impress program address key Australian Curriculum General Capabilities.

Program time commitment

Face-to-face delivery: 3 hrs total for students, 3 hrs 30 min total for mentors
Digital delivery: 2 hrs total for students, 2 hrs total for mentors

96% of students

said they now understand how to prepare for a job interview

94% of students

said they are now aware of the skills that employers are looking for

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