We know our work is making a difference.
‘The scholarship has opened so many doors for me. I have made new friends and connections and learnt so many things that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do had I not received the ABCN Foundation scholarship.’ – Raegan, ABCN Accelerate scholar

Of our 2023 scholars:

  • 95% completed Year 12 or equivalent senior secondary certificate or vocational qualification
    (compared to 76% national average and 69% for disadvantaged students. Source: ACARA 2022)
  • 91% of Year 3 graduates are engaged in employment, tertiary education or training (compared with 59% of disadvantaged students at age 24. Source: The Smith Family, 2022)
  • 92% are now using a range tools and strategies to support their health and wellbeing (compared with only 41% before the program)
  • 91% reported confidence in career pathways
    (compared with only 41% before the program)
  • 97% now understand their strengths, skills, and abilities in relation to study, work and personal (compared with only 40% before the program)

Since 2013, we have awarded 309 scholarships and distributed over $1.8m+ in financial award monies.

With your help, we can continue to reach more and more students.

Accelerate scholar reveals the best thing about her program

Julina Lim is an ABCN Accelerate scholar who graduated from Cabramatta High School last year with the top HSC state rank in economics and an ATAR of 99.95.  We caught up with Julina to hear how her ABCN mentor helped her on the path to success, and her advice for future mentors.


Read how The Age reported on how our 2020 applications soared due to COVID-19 hardship.

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