Here we’ve answered some of the most common questions about our Foundation and Accelerate program. If your question isn’t answered below, please contact us.


What is the criteria to enter?

The Accelerate program is open to all Year 10 students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

The program supports students experiencing economic, family or social challenges that are impacting their ability to pursue their desired tertiary pathways. All applications are assessed against predetermined criteria based on student merit, level of disadvantage and need.

Can I save my application halfway and come back to it at a later date?

Unfortunately, no. Please take the time to read through the guidelines and sample questions in advance and have all the documentation you need to complete the application. Items cannot be submitted separately.

Can I send in a hard copy application instead of doing it online?

No. All submissions must be made online. This enables us to assess all applications in the same way.

Is this only for certain states?

No. Accelerate is a national program and we welcome applications from all states and territories.

Do I need my principal to submit my application or can I just do this myself?

All submissions require the support of your principal. He/she will work with you to submit the final application, taking into account your academic records and the challenges you face.

What is the selection process?

All applications are critiqued through our specially developed online marking system. Shortlisted applicants are then presented to a selection committee made up of representatives from ABCN, Board members and educators. The final selection of scholars is made at a meeting in October every year.

How do the targeted scholarships work?

Targeted scholarships allow us to offer a place in the program to someone in a particular category. Our targeted scholarships are determined every year by our funders. These vary from year to year and are advised on our website at the time our applications open. Past categories have included:

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • Female
  • NESB (non-English speaking background)
  • State-based (Victoria, Western Australia)

Students applying for targeted scholarships must also meet the same criteria as other applicants.


How much is the scholarship worth?

The scholarship is made up of mentoring and financial support. The financial component is $7,000 which is spread over the three years of the program ($2000 in Year 1, $2000 in Year 2 and $3000 in Year 3). Students must remain engaged in the program to be eligible for the support.

What can I spend the financial award monies on?

In short, any fees or costs associated with education and/or assisting you to undertake your education. Some examples include laptops, Wi-Fi connection, school fees, uniforms, stationery, reading glasses, tutors, excursions. If you are unsure, please speak with your teacher and/or ABCN program manager in your state.

Would a gap year affect my scholarship monies and mentor?

We understand that many students may wish to take a gap year, but please note that Year 3 scholarship monies will be paused until the student returns and re-engages with training and/or education.

We ask our mentors to commit to the three-year program to ensure consistency. Because a gap year will extend the timing of the program, we cannot guarantee that your mentor will still be available once you return to the program.


How do I become a mentor in this program?

We are always pleased to welcome new mentors! The majority of our mentors come from our ABCN member company network so please speak to the ABCN champion in your organisation or contact us directly to find out more.  We open up our mentor recruitment in November each year.

What is the time commitment required of mentors?

Typically, the time commitment is around 20 hours over a year. In Year 1, it is fairly structured as you establish your relationship with your mentee and will include:

  • a school visit and mentor/student briefing with ABCN (February: 1 hour)
  • two ABCN-facilitated workshops (typically May and August: approx 2 hours each)
  • informal monthly catch up/check-in via email or phone (approx 8 hours over the year)
  • the Leadership Summit and Dinner (mid-year: 5-6 hours)
  • one meeting with the student at the mentor’s workplace (mid-year: 1 hour)
  • end-of-year event held in each state (November: 2 hours)

In Years 2 and 3, the times are more dependent on your mentee’s needs.

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