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Aspirations   is designed to familiarise high school students with a modern workplace and equip them with the skills to get there.

Research shows there is a gap between what young people learn at school and the skills they need to be successful in the workplace. For students from disadvantaged schools, this is compounded by the lack of access to professional role models and work opportunities. In many cases, their choices beyond school are influenced by a lack of understanding about their own strengths and skills, limited knowledge about different pathways and no sense of entitlement to further education or career options outside the local community.

This program focuses on Years 10 and 11 because this is a critical time when students determine what type of further education they will pursue, or whether they will continue with school at all. The program enables students to build an understanding of the types of skills that are required in a modern work environment. The sessions include interview techniques, understanding personal strengths, and development of essential employability skills such as communication and problem-solving.

95% of students

said they now understand key employability skills

93% of students

said they now feel more prepared for the world of work

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