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GOALS is designed to encourage the completion of high school and widen the aspirations of students in their middle years of high school.

Students from low socio-economic schools often have little opportunity to network outside their immediate community and limited access to corporate professional role models who can demonstrate a variety of career options. Mentors sharing their own career journeys and challenges can make an enormous impact as students consider their options for the future, including whether or not they should leave school early.

GOALS focuses on building students’ confidence, the importance of setting goals and continuing their education to Year 12 and beyond. Students are matched with a corporate mentor who they will work with on activities that include goal-setting, communication, personal strengths, interview skills and preparation for the workforce.

Typically, students who take part in the program are drawn from Year 9 and have been identified by their school as students who would benefit from a mentor.

The program can be delivered fully digitally, face-to-face in the workplace or as a combination of both (blended). For the face-to-face program, mentors and students are matched one-to-one. For the digital program, the ratio is one mentor to two students, in line with our child safe policy.

Read how the learning outcomes of our GOALS program address key Australian Curriculum General Capabilities.

Program time commitment

Face-to-face delivery: 8 hrs 30 min total for students, 9 hrs total for mentors
Digital delivery: 8 hrs total for students, 6 hrs total for mentors

Meet an alumnus: Watch as Andrew talks about his GOALS program.

94% of students

said they are now aware of a wide range of career options

95% of students

said they now know how their strengths relate to the business world

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