Impact on students

of GOALS and Aspirations students received university offers in 2022 (compared with 46% for low SES students)
of Innovate students said they were interested in STEM subjects (compared with 49% before the program)
of former GOALS students are fully engaged in education, employment and/or training 10 years on* (compared with 63% for low SES students)

* ABCN measures the longitudinal impact our programs have on students. We have surveyed 49 of our students who, when they were about 14, participated in our flagship GOALS program between 2005 and 2008. We found that their average income was $60,000 in 2018, compared to the national average of $37,600 for 24-year-olds (ABS, 2016).

Impact on mentors

of mentors said they felt inspired to help others more as a result of their ABCN program in 2022
of mentors said their mentoring/coaching skills improved as a result of participating in a program
lower attrition of mentors found by two member companies*

* Two ABCN member companies – PwC and Optus – tracked all their mentors who had participated in programs over a number of years. PwC found that participants had a 30% lower attrition rate than the company average, while Optus reported a 34% reduced rate.

abcn is making a difference

ABCN creates a future-fit workforce through our shared value proposition: meaningful interactions that improve student employability while increasing mentors’ workplace success.

images purpose

Inspiring students to achieve their potential in the future world of work

images purpose

Unique model of:

  • Mentors
  • Workplace-based and online sessions
  • Building skills of the future
images purpose
immediate outputs
  • Increase aspirations and confidence
  • Develop career knowledge and future-focused workplace skills
  • Create professional connections
images purpose
Immediate outputs
  • Develop mentoring, coaching and interpersonal skills
  • Increase engagement and resilience
images purpose
  • Devote more attention to professional and personal development
  • Seek leadership positions in schools and part-time jobs
  • Progress through school with better results and Year 12 completion rates
  • Advance to further education/employment
images purpose
member company longer-term outcomes
  • Increase retention and skills-base of high-quality staff
  • Promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture
images purpose
ultimate goals

Young people have a higher rate of employment and better quality of employment

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