ABCN’s long-term objective is to see young people enjoying a higher rate of employment and a better quality of employment.

One way we measure the impact of our work is through longitudinal studies of students who participated in our flagship GOALS program between 2005 and 2008. Our surveys found that their average income was $60,000 in 2018, compared to the national average of $37,600 for 24-year-olds (ABS, 2016).

Another piece of evidence is anecdotal stories of where alumni are working now. Here are some examples that demonstrate the powerful generational change our work creates.

Watch alumni stories from ABCN’s flagship GOALS program

Lauren Castino

‘The GOALS program really planted the seed for my interest in student empowerment,’ says Lauren, proud Gamilaraay woman and part-time school teacher.

Dr Lesca Sofyan

‘Having a mentor and a supportive network helped Lesca ‘push through life hurdles’. She pushed on to become a veterinarian.

Bradley Birnie

Bradley largely attributes his participation in this program to ‘going to university and being the first in my family to get a tertiary education’.

Michael Spiteri

GOALS ‘pretty much made me who I am today,’ says Michael when fondly remembering how the program opened his eyes to the world of business.

Steven Tang

‘The program gave me confidence and exposure to a corporate workplace,’ says Steven, who now works in the same organisation as his GOALS mentor.

Emily Winter

In 2007, 15-year-old Emily participated in a GOALS program. Here she reminisces about how this experience helped channel her creativity.

Andrew Phong

In 2008, 15-year-old Andrew participated in a GOALS program. He says it gave him ‘insane levels of empowerment and motivation’ and influenced him to study business at university.

Watch alumni stories from other ABCN programs

Nathaniel Diong

Nathaniel participated in a pilot Entrepreneurs Unearthed program when he was in Year 11. Now CEO of the Future Minds Network, he tells future ABCN students: ‘Fail as much as you can!’

Fadila Fidina

Fadila, a 2013 ABCN Foundation scholar, says: ‘Doing this program definitely changed my life.’ She recalls how being part of the Accelerate program was a pivotal moment in her life.


In 2019, Kristy did a Focus program when she was in Year 10. Watch as she explains how her ‘aha’ moment during the program was all about looking after wellbeing.

Joshua Joannidies

In 2013, 16-year-old Joshua participated in an Aspirations program. Here he talks about how meeting his mentor gave him a new perspective on the business world and his potential place in it.

Shadab Safa

Shadab, a 2016 ABCN Foundation scholar, talks about how the Accelerate program significantly shaped his life by exposing him to a diverse range of opportunities.

Joseph Charrouf

Joseph entered the three-year Accelerate program, run by the ABCN Foundation, in 2015. One of eight siblings, Joseph’s family migrated to Australia from Lebanon in search of a better life.

He credits his ABCN scholarship with getting him to where he is today: studying information technology and business at UTS while also working part-time as an Associate Business Analyst at Westpac, one of ABCN’s business partners.

‘The insight I received from my mentor was invaluable. That it came from someone who wanted to see me succeed, is priceless.’

Read more about Joseph

Janet Sou

After participating in several ABCN programs while at high school, Janet is now a Customer Insights Analyst at ABCN member company Stockland… where she is also one of about 200 ABCN volunteer mentors at the company.

‘Change doesn’t always work quickly. Change is subtle and it’s accumulated over time and numerous experiences.’

Read more about Janet

Joe Yakoub

As a student at Tempe High School a decade ago, Joe had an early interest in business. But it was his participation in GOALS in Year 9 that helped his dream become a reality, with Joe now working as a senior consultant for EY, one of ABCN’s member companies.

‘The program really helped give me direction and greater insight into what I needed to do to get there.’

Read more about Joe

Michelle Lwin

Growing up in a Burmese migrant family, Michelle had little exposure to the corporate world. Today, Michelle is a graduate with Optus, one of ABCN’s founding member companies, and a member of the ABCN Alumni Committee.

‘ABCN really helped to grow my confidence. Through GOALS, I learnt to believe in myself … My life would be very different if I hadn’t participated in the ABCN programs.’

Read more about Michelle

See statistics about the impact individual programs have had on participants by clicking on selected programs here.

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