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My Career Rules is a digital careers exposure program delivered in an online Q&A format.

The program gives students the opportunity to prepare questions and interact with a panel of professionals from specific jobs and industries, opening their minds to careers that reflect the current workplace. Providing a link between classroom learning and the real world of work, it aims to reinforce messages about the skills and mindsets needed to make a successful career in the future workplace.

Research shows that students from low socio-economic backgrounds often have limited role models from the world of work and their aspirations are limited as a result. Mentors sharing their own career journeys and challenges can make an enormous impact as students consider their options for the future.

My Career Rules can be tailored to students from Year 8 to Year 12. Following an introduction to the company and industry and question preparation, workshop panellists share and discuss their career journeys and challenges in an online Q&A facilitated by ABCN. Students are encouraged and supported to ask their own questions of the panellists during the session.

My Career Rules is a fully digital program with one fully facilitated session.

Program time commitment

Face-to-face delivery: N/A
Digital delivery: 1 hr 30 min total for both students and mentors

87% of students

said it's OK to fail or to change your mind about your career paths

81% of students

said they are more motivated to explore possible post-school careers and jobs

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