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11, 12 and first year post-school

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Accelerate   is a three-year mentoring and financial support program to empower high-potential Australian young people from low socio-economic backgrounds to achieve their potential.

The program is delivered through the ABCN Foundation, which awards scholarships to students demonstrating leadership potential who face economic, family or social challenges that impact on their study or capacity to pursue their desired tertiary pathways. Scholarship recipients receive support from a dedicated corporate mentor and $7000 in financial assistance spread across Years 11, 12 and their first year of tertiary education.

The ABCN Foundation is the only organisation of its kind in Australia offering both mentoring from business professionals and financial assistance to students. Mentors are assigned to each scholar by ABCN in consultation with member companies, donors and schools. Students and mentors typically meet six times during the first year in structured sessions, one-on-one meetings and at formal functions. During this time, participants explore their goals, aspirations, challenges, achievements and areas for development.

91% of Students

who completed Accelerate in 2019 are now working or studying

148 students

have been awarded scholarships since 2013

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