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Focus and Focus2 aims to provide young women with the essential leadership skills they need to engage in a successful, meaningful career.

The initiative addresses the under-representation of women in senior roles in Australia. It is designed to support young women to develop their leadership skills, aspire to senior roles in business and the community, and foster a sense of self-belief that will encourage them to aim high.

Focus and Focus2 involves female students working in small groups with female executives who act as role models and mentors. Mentors sharing their own career journeys and challenges can make an enormous impact as students consider their options for the future.

The three fully facilitated sessions include an introduction to leadership styles, realising strengths and creating a leadership picture. The program typically targets young women from Years 10-11 who already demonstrate leadership potential.

Read how the learning outcomes of our Focus & Focus2 program address key Australian Curriculum General Capabilities.

Program time commitment

Focus and Focus2 can be delivered Face to Face, Digitally or Blended. 

Face-to-face delivery: 6 hrs total for students, 3 hrs 30 mins total for mentors
Digital delivery: 5 hrs total for students, 4 hrs total for mentors

Meet an alumna: Watch as Kristy talks about her Focus program.

92% of students

said they are now aware of their strengths that can make them a good leader.

89% of students

said they now have confidence in their leadership skills.

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