Applying for a Working With Children Check in South Australia
  1. A WWCC is valid for five years. If you have a current WWCC, please scan your certificate and email it to your company champion who will forward to Cathy Torjul – if you are unsure whether you have a WWCC, please contact the DHS Screening Unit phone 1300 321 592.


  1. If you don’t have a current WWCC, please provide your full name, email and date of birth to Cathy Torjul at Cathy will register your details with the DHS Screening Unit and you will each receive an email advising that the Australian Business and Community Network has initiated a screening application for you and provide a link to activate your account.


  1. Click on the link in the email and then you will receive a second email with personal log in details and password. You will need to use this log in and password to start your application. This part is relatively straight forward and you will just need to answer the questions and click ‘next ’to proceed through the application.


As part of this process you will be required to provide a 100 Point Identification Check. There are two (2) ways of doing this:

a) On line Verification – *Provide an Australian Birth Certificate, an Australian Passport or Australian Citizenship Certificate (only one of these can be used and is worth 70 points) AND an Australian Driver’s Licence (40 points). You will need to click on ‘verify’ and provide the certificate or passport and licence numbers.

* It is helpful to have these details with you prior to starting the application as the application cannot be completed until this information has been entered.

Once completed, the DHS Screening Unit will commence processing your application. Upon completion you will receive an email with your WWCC stating CLEARED, which will allow you to participate as a mentor. Please provide a copy of this to your champion.

b) Print and Seek Verificationrequires you to print the application and have it, and your 100 Point Identification certified by a Verifying Officer.

Information about your Proof of Identity, including a list of required 100 Point Identification documents is located here

while a list of Verifying Officers can be found here

Once verified scan both certificated Application and certified 100 Point Identification and email it to Once the application has been processed you will receive an email with the DHS Certificate stating CLEARED, which will allow you to participate as a mentor.

Please note that the other option for a Verification Method suggested by the DHS Screening Unit is ‘Requesting Organisation’. This is not available through ABCN, and we ask that you do not select this option.

If you require assistance throughout the application process, you can contact the DHS Screening Unit direct on 1300 321 592 or through their website (






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