High praise for mentors and students at Future Thinkers session

Year 9 students from Blacktown Boys High School ventured into the city for a Future Thinkers session with Okta at their Sydney office and we are thrilled to share some exceptional feedback from mentors and students alike.

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Future Thinkers involves small groups of students working with mentors in teams to create solutions to a problem using the design thinking methodology. Prior to the workshop, 27% of students felt they understood design thinking, a number that jumped to 100% post-session.

Our mentors unanimously praised the students for their engagement, enthusiasm, and intellect, noting the young men as outstanding representatives of their school.
According to students, it was a ‘wonderful experience’ and ‘a good way to improve communication and team working skills.’ Another student added high praise for their mentor, writing that ‘James was the GOAT.’ (Greatest of All Time)

Dori from Okta’s security team also shared praise: ‘The boys’ inquisitive nature and insightful questions were truly impressive. Seeing their excitement and curiosity made my day!’

ABCN would like to extend a huge thanks to the mentors from Okta for sharing their time and wisdom with the students, their insights on AI, cybersecurity, and the future of technology have no doubt inspired the next generation.

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