Aspirations for First Nations students

As part of ABCN’s Career Mentoring Curriculum for First Nations students, Year 10 students from Chifley College High School recently completed Aspirations, the second program in a three-year curriculum co-designed with Aboriginal educators to support First Nations students through Year 9 to 11.

Held at Commonwealth Bank‘s South Eveleigh campus, students worked through activities designed to build understanding of personal strengths and career pathways alongside mentors from both Commonwealth Bank and Hall & Wilcox.


1712902257052The program was a great success with one mentor quoting, ‘The biggest change I observed was that the students were more open to asking questions, they appeared to be more proud of their work experience/work aspirations by the end. I believe they were more confident.’

The program was also supported by staff from NASCA (National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy), who work with students at the Chifley College Senior Campus. This program was a way to introduce Year 10 students to NASCA as they prepare to join the senior campus next year.

ABCN is looking at ways to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education partners to deepen impact and provide continuous support for students participating in the Career Mentoring Curriculum.

ABCN would like to sincerely thank Commonwealth Bank and Hall & Wilcox for the significant impact they have made on the students from Chifley College HS. The students felt very welcome & enjoyed being in a professional workplace. It was clear to mentors and educators the increase in confidence compared to their first program in Term 4 last year.

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