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When Kenny Tran completed GOALS in 2006 he was a Year 10 student at Mirrabooka Senior High School in Western Australia. Seven years on, he has completed school and embarked on a university course at the University of Western Australia.


Remembering back to his school days, Kenny says the key challenge at the time was not having a plan beyond high school. “In the first GOALS session we were presented with the question of what we wanted to do in the future, which was puzzling for most of us Year 10 students” he said. “Then we were asked what we wanted to get out of the program. I remember that foremost, I wanted to increase my confidence. And I am proud to say that by the end of the program I felt I had achieved that.”

Kenny knew he needed good grades if he wanted to attend university. The GOALS program helped him develop effective study habits and goal-setting techniques – both of which he believes had a positive impact on his final year of high school.

He is also grateful to his mentor, who continually pushed him to get involved, and for the opportunity to network and interact with mentors of various fields. “I didn’t realise how valuable this was at the time” he says. “If I could offer any advice to students involved in GOALS, it would be to ask lots of questions and not be afraid. The mentors are all approachable and tremendously supportive.”

Kenny says GOALS helped lay a foundation for career possibilities and options. Although he didn’t pursue the same career as his mentor, the program gave him the confidence to follow another path he was more passionate about.

He’s currently studying a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Western Australia majoring in Economics and Employment Relations, with a minor in Business Law. After graduation his goal is to work in employment relations or human resources. Kenny forms part of our growing student alumni and we wish him well in his studies.

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