Remembering Nhi – 2013 inaugural scholar

In this newsletter, we remember Nhi Chiem, one of our inaugural scholars who tragically took her own life recently. Nhi was an outstanding young woman from Bonnyrigg High School who was living in a refuge at the age of 16 when she applied to ABCN for a scholarship. Despite her extreme circumstances, Nhi demonstrated excellent grades and a quiet ambition – and her elegant writing style captured the attention of the selection panel.

Nhi Chiem

Nhi embarked on the scholarship program in 2013 as one of twelve inaugural scholars and thrived under the guidance of her mentor, Gurleen Knight from Navitas. We are proud to report that she successfully completed Year 12 and fulfilled her dream of studying journalism through Communications and Media at Macquarie University.

Yet at every stage of her life, she faced challenges that many of us will never understand. Every day, she had to manage so much more than a young girl her age should have to. Sadly, her very real challenges are more common than we realise for so many young people.

Nhi remains a shining example of someone who was determined to turn her life around and make the best of every opportunity. She will always be remembered.

Vale Nhi Chiem.

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