Partners in Learning – KPMG and Doonside High School

ABCN’s Partners in Learning (PiL) program links business and educational professionals to share experiences, solve problems and explore leadership challenges together. Intended to be a mutually beneficial, co-mentoring relationship, strong ties often form – and Doonside Technology High School and KPMG is a perfect example of this.

The PiL relationship between Doonside Principal, Joe Begnell and KPMG Australia CEO, Gary Wingrove has had a positive impact in both the school and KPMG. As an example, KPMG offered 11 indigenous students and six teachers the opportunity to visit Redfern and the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence this year. Activities included a cultural walking tour and a My Journey panel discussion where an indigenous professional from the community spoke about her life, overcoming extreme challenges, career choices and success. Doonside presented KPMG with a painting to acknowledge their support this year and to celebrate their ongoing partnership. Created by students and teachers, it will feature proudly in KPMG Australia’s new Parramatta office.

KPMG Australia has also donated furniture and equipment to Doonside, including 40 laptops, for which they were extremely grateful. Mr Begnell says the laptops will be utilised in their School Merit System to encourage students with a greater incentive to be diligent in terms of their studies, wear the school uniform with pride and to encourage good citizenship.

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