How to seize the day after a disappointment

Various ABCN programs discuss the value of goal-setting. But what happens when your goals don’t go to plan? ABCN alumna Helen Le knows all too well the importance of keeping an open mind to seize new opportunities as they arise.













Helen Le is the first to acknowledge that her path from school to working as an associate management consultant hasn’t been smooth, or easy. She didn’t pass her HSC with flying colours, she didn’t stick with the major she initially chose at university, and she didn’t pass all her uni exams.

She credits her participation in an ABCN program with helping her cope with a bumpy career ride. ‘I completed Reach Your Potential in 2012,’ says Helen. ‘It was a two-day ABCN leadership program. After the program, I realised that there are opportunities out there – which, of course, was a key aim of the program. But I also realised it was up to me to continue looking for those opportunities and decide what to do with them.’

Goal-setting is an invaluable tool for everyone. And while it’s great to set goals, it’s also vital to remain flexible when challenges arise. Helen says it’s important not to fear rejection or failure, and to learn from these experiences instead. ‘Three years ago, when I was applying for graduate roles, I made it to the final interview round at a company but didn’t get offered the role. I took it as an opportunity to change my negative mindset and kept pushing myself to find another role.’

Despite this setback, Helen kept trying and finally landed an undergraduate role while completing a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology Sydney. Helen is now an Associate Management Consultant at Third Horizon Consulting, exemplifying the power of perseverance and an open mind. ‘I encourage you to seize every opportunity offered to you and grow them into something that will help you fulfil your ambitions.’

Completing an ABCN program is an excellent first step. What other opportunities will you seek out? Nominating for a student leadership position? Applying for a part-time job? With 2020 fast approaching, now is a great time to think about how you will challenge yourself next year, and ‘risk it for the biscuit’!

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