How does pretending to be a monkey improve your interview technique?

That was the question for many students who took part in ABCN’s Interview Skills Workshop, piloted this year. However, it soon became apparent to both students and their mentors that it wasn’t the monkey that mattered but putting yourself outside your comfort zone.

Interview technique

Through a variety of fun drama games that had participants looking very silly at times, students learnt how small changes in your body language can effect people’s perceptions of you, and ultimately land you the job you’ve always wanted.

For Leanna, learning about the ‘power stance’ was an eye-opener: “I never knew that changing the way I stand would actually make me feel more confident”. Facilitator Sophie Kelly says the effects of the program on the students can be seen immediately: “When the students learn about standing tall, opening up their chests and looking people in the eyes, they grow about two feet! It’s fantastic to see their demeanour change through such a simple exercise”.

Fun and games aside, the Interview Skills Workshop also gives students an opportunity to hear from mentors’ experiences being interviewed and gain some valuable insight to typical interview questions and how best to answer them.

Ten ABCN companies have participated in the Interview Skills workshop this year, with over 100 mentors and 200 students. Unlike ABCN’s sustained mentoring programs, the Interview Skills Workshop is a one-day event, giving mentors who aren’t able to commit the time to a sustained program an opportunity to participate.

“This was a very rewarding experience, the students were very receptive to the workshop and it was wonderful to see them develop some initial skills simply from a four hour workshop. It was well worth the time!” Stockland mentor

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