CAREERx – upskilling careers advisors

We were delighted to run our first CAREERx recently – a new one-day program designed for school career advisors. An ABCN initiative, it was borne from current global research that indicates a shift in the range of skills expected in today’s employment market – and the unfortunate outcome that too few young people are accessing the knowledge and the skills required for effective workplace participation. This growing skills gap is especially problematic for the many disadvantaged students we work with who have limited access to professional role models. It also means that at school level, the role of the school careers advisor has never been so challenging.

CAREERx was designed to support school career advisors manage this shift by connecting them with HR consultants and specialist employment agencies. A one-day intensive, it creates the opportunity to share knowledge, resources, the range of employment and training options available and the relevant personal and vocational skills required to assist young people with employment.

Our first CAREERx program was held in Melbourne in June. Hosted by CitiBank, the workshop was facilitated by ABCN and brought together HR representatives from PwC, Optus, CBA and The Skilling Australia Foundation with careers advisors from 12 of ABCN’s Victorian partner schools. The HR representatives shared their expertise on recruitment and selection, entry level roles, graduate programs, recruitment tips and resume building in a 3 hour workshop.

100% of those who attended reported an increased understanding of what their students need in order to gain employment after school. A further 83% reported a better understanding of entry level roles, cadetships and graduate programs in the corporate world. Stay tuned for the next CAREERx to be held in Sydney later this year.

“The more exposure that careers advisors and other teachers have to the workings and priorities of business the better! It means we hear a range of perspectives and up-to-date information and advice that we can pass on to our colleagues and students.”  Student Pathways Advisor

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