Another award for ABCN

In South Australia, ABCN was recently acknowledged with an award for the GOALS and Career Choice Day programs we ran with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Nominated by Le Fevre High School, who had participated in both programs, the award was presented jointly to both ABCN and PwC by Western Futures, at their annual School and Business Partnership dinner.

Western Futures is a community based not-for-profit organisation in Western Adelaide, SA. Its purpose is to facilitate effective career development and transition support for young people in the region, aged 13-19, through school and beyond, to further education, training and employment.

Every year, Western Futures hosts a dinner to recognise businesses and community groups that have supported secondary schools in the Western Adelaide region. To be eligible for one of their Partnership Awards, organisations must demonstrate commitment in one or more categories. These include fostering the acquisition of employability skills, providing on-the-job structured work placements, expanding vocational, technical and/or apprenticeship training or providing professional development for teachers. Schools are encouraged to nominate businesses, community organisations and individuals with the winners being announced on the night.

We are very honoured to be sharing the Large Business category award with PwC for the GOALS and Career Choice Day programs. The finalist certificate and winner’s trophy is now proudly on display at PwC’s newly opened offices in Franklin Street, Adelaide.

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