2016 ABCN Impact and Outcomes

ABCN’s 2016 impact statistics are in and we’re delighted to share them with you.

What an incredible year for everyone involved in ABCN programs – it saw us work with 18,298 students in total. Of these, 5,649 students received mentoring support, a 21% increase on 2015.

Last year 5,024 corporate volunteers from 42 businesses contributed 32,992 hours to improving the employment outcomes of disadvantaged youth across Australia – what a result!

Other highlights include:

93% of students who have participated in ABCN programs completed Year 12
– compared with a 74% national average and 61% of disadvantaged students

58% of students who have participated in ABCN programs have accepted university study offers
– compared with a 38% national average and 17% of disadvantaged students

90% of Accelerate students completed year 13 (first year of tertiary studies)
– compared with an 85% national average and 69% of disadvantaged students

97% of mentors said their involvement in ABCN programs has improved their coaching skills.

We look forward to sharing ABCN’s impact and outcomes with you in more detail in our 2016 annual report which is currently in production. Thank you to all who made it such a successful year.

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