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1:2:1 is a basic numeracy and counting program designed for primary school children who need assistance in developing their understanding of basic mathematical skills. These students have been identified by their teachers as having limited opportunities for building their numeracy skills outside of school.

Research shows that students who struggle with basic numeracy often feel they can’t learn and are different from their peers. This can lead to low self-esteem, poor behaviour and potential disengagement from school.

1:2:1 aims to address this. While the focus of the program is on understanding maths and its applications, there is a critical element of socialisation, with mentors acting as positive role models for participating students. The one-to-one time involved has a powerful impact on student performance and their overall enjoyment of maths.

Participants are typically in the early stages of primary school and are matched with a mentor for weekly sessions. The program works on a buddy system for mentors who alternate their visits to the school, reading with their student once a fortnight.

Program time commitment

Face-to-face delivery: 7 hrs total for both students and mentors
Digital delivery: N/A

88% of students

said they now felt more confident

75% of students

said they were now more positive about maths

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