Inaugural scholars off to a great start

It’s a busy year for the ABCN Scholarship Foundation’s inaugural scholars. As well as embarking on Year 11, they will be working with their mentors on their goals, attending a Leadership Summit in Sydney and celebrating with this year’s scholarship winners at various corporate events around Australia. The majority have met their mentors and are super excited about the objectives they’ve set for future meetings which will be held at their mentors’ offices.

Inaugural Scholarship Foundation Winners, NSW

Meanwhile, the Foundation is busy preparing to open applications for our second round of exceptional scholars in June.  Scholarships are open to Year 10 students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents. It’s a rigorous and thorough application process with students submitting an essay which is considered in conjunction with their academic records and extra-curricular commitments. The applications must also be endorsed by the student’s school principal.

It’s a tough job for the scholarship selection panel, made up of Foundation Board members, educators and supporters of ABCN to select just 12 winners from the hundreds of applications received. We hear so many amazing stories of outstanding students overcoming adversity to obtain excellence in their studies and pursue a tertiary education, that it’s hard not to award each and every one of them with a scholarship!

If you wish to help us to grant more scholarships to exceptional students, please head to our website for details of how to donate or contact our Foundation Manager, Samantha Luck on (02) 8988 6856 or All donations are fully tax deductible.

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