First impressions count

While many students receive basic interview preparation at school, there’s no doubt the opportunity to explore the interview process further in a practical setting, with mentoring from a corporate employee, adds significant value. First impressions count. As a result, ABCN developed Interview 2 Impress (i2i) – a one-day program designed to build confidence and equip students from our member schools with the skills they need for interview success and engagement in employment options beyond school.

Five years on, i2i has continued to gain momentum as one of our core programs. In 2016, 916 students from 50 schools across Australia took part in the program. Of these students, 93% reported a better understanding of how to prepare for a job interview following the program and 92% reported a better understanding of what to do at a job interview.

The impact the program has made and the feedback we’ve received is profound. A 2017 program hosted by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Lowood State High School in Queensland revealed the following results:

Before the program only 5% of the students reported that they had the were aware of the skills that employers were looking for and understood the importance of body language and non-verbal communication skills in an interview. After the program, this figure rose to 85% and 95% respectively. Further, while only 10% of students rated themselves with the confidence to participate in an interview prior to the program, this rose to 95% after the program.

Other programs hosted in Queensland this year include CBA with Keebra Park High School and Stockland with Loganlea High School. All yielded similar results highlighting that a small investment of time can create life-changing impact.

‘I learnt that an interview doesn’t start when someone comes to shake your hand in a waiting room – it starts as soon as you walk in the door’, said one student. ‘I had gathered from general conversations and greetings, that the way you project yourself – arms crossed and mumbling – is bad … but not anywhere near as much as I do now.’

‘What I learnt today will help me in my everyday life,’ said another. ‘I will apply it not only in interviews but in my normal day-to-day communications.’

With outcomes like these, i2i will remain an ABCN staple. If you would like to learn more about mentoring students in i2i, contact your ABCN company champion.

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