ABCN welcomes our new CEO

We are delighted to introduce Allegra Spender as our new CEO at ABCN. Allegra has now formally started in ABCN’s Sydney office and has hit the ground running getting to know our many supporters and members of the ABCN community. She brings with her diverse experience and insights from various roles within the corporate, non-profit, private and public sectors and we’re all looking forward to working with her. At the same time, we are more than a little sad about the departure of Jacqui Jones who has been with ABCN for over 10 years, most recently as CEO.

Allegra Spender

As ABCN Chair, Helen Zimmerman said recently, ‘Jacqui joined us at a time when ABCN was new and finding its feet. Her dedication and superior relationship-building skills have allowed ABCN to grow into an organisation that delivers strong, sustainable partnerships between business and high needs schools. We owe much to her legacy.’

One of our employees at ABCN, Stephen Tang, was also a former student participant in a GOALS program facilitated by Jacqui eight years ago. He spoke recently at a farewell event for Jacqui.

‘I can confidently say that Jacqui has been a big influencer in the person I am today’, he says. ‘She has shared her knowledge with me, she has instilled confidence in me and most of all she has been a mentor to me, and this reaches beyond the realms of business. From it being simple conversations in the office to sharing her stories and advice with me, these have all shaped who I am today.’

‘So Jacqui, on behalf of the thousands and thousands of students who have been involved in an ABCN program, we thank you for believing in us and giving us an avenue to learn and grow as individuals.’

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you Jacqui from all of us at ABCN. You will be missed by so many. We salute you – and we wish you the best in the next chapter of your life.

Jacqui and Allegra spent two weeks together before Jacqui handed over the reins. ‘I am confident I leave the fabulous ABCN team in safe hands’, she said. ‘I wish ABCN ongoing success under Allegra’s leadership’.

Please join us in welcoming Allegra as we continue our drive to impact positively on the lives of disadvantaged young Australians.

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