ABCN proud to announce 2 new scholarships gifted by Microsoft Australia


The Australian Business and Community Network Foundation (ABCN Foundation) is delighted to announce the establishment of two new mentoring and financial scholarships, made possible with the generous support of Microsoft Australia.

The perpetual scholarships will be awarded at the end of the year at ABCN’s Annual Symposium on 15 November, in Melbourne.  Microsoft’s support has contributed to the overall growth of the Foundation which will issue 21 scholarships this year, a 30% increase on 2015.

Microsoft Australia has gifted the scholarships in alignment with the ABCN Foundation’s mission to support exceptional students facing economic, family or social challenges which impact on their study or capacity to pursue their desired tertiary pathways.

“Microsoft continually looks for ways to improve outcomes for disadvantaged students,” says Anna Howarth, Microsoft Philanthropies Manager.  “We’re delighted to be collaborating with ABCN, to support the professional prospects of young and talented Australians”.

Scholarship recipients participate in a structured program that sees them receive one-on-one support and guidance from an experienced corporate mentor.   Students and their mentors meet regularly throughout the year in workshops facilitated by the ABCN where they set goals and develop valuable workplace skills.  The program also includes visits by students to their mentor’s workplace and participation in the annual ABCN Foundation Leadership Summit, a much-anticipated event.  All scholarship recipients receive $7,000 over Years 11, 12 and their first year of tertiary education, to spend on study resources and help alleviate financial hardship in their homes.

The two scholarships have special significance for Microsoft Australia as they have been gifted in memory of former employees Penny Crafar and Marek Tyszkiewicz. The scholarships honour the contributions these individuals made professionally and leave a lasting legacy.

“We are so grateful for Microsoft Australia’s support of the ABCN Foundation’s Scholarship program.  This is an extraordinarily kind gesture – not only for the student recipients but also for the families of Penny Crafar and Marek Tyszkiewicz”, says Samantha Luck, Foundation Manager, ABCN.

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