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Diversity and employability

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interpersonal skills

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10 or equivalent

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InterACT is designed for recently arrived, high school-aged migrants and refugees whose first language is not English.

Many new arrivals have limited social networks, poor cultural and vocational literacy, and little or no formal schooling. They may also have faced violence, deprivation and loss throughout their resettlement process.

The focus of this program is to support these students in gaining cultural awareness and vocational literacy they need to participate in Australian life. While the emphasis is on soft skills such as communication and building relationships, there is also a critical socialisation aspect as students learn to sustain adult conversations in English with a positive role model outside their immediate community.

The program targets students who are receiving intensive English language instruction. Participants range in ages from 14 to 19.

Program time commitment

Face-to-face delivery: 7 hrs 30 min total for both students and mentors
Digital delivery: N/A

94% of students

said they now understand the workplace

93% of students

said they now understand how to do well in a job interview

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